Sport uniform in Kyiv

Sport uniform in Kyiv

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Sport uniform in Kyiv - soccer, track and field, basketball, voleyball, swimming.. - Call to our team manager Alex – +38 097-217-37-57 

Hello everyone! Our Company loves sport and helps schools, business organizations, sport team and people who loves sport to carry out sport event. We have already helped our clients to find many kinds of equipment for sport activities! Our well known beloved clients are – Danon, Kyivstar, Kuehne-nagel, European Travel Insurance, Campari, Knauf, Salateira, Denovo, Tui, Kyiv International School, Pechersk international school, The British International School, …,etcetera.

Sport uniform for corporate events

We have got huge experience in equipping such sport challenges as – corporate event. We Have many kinds of sport uniform like – soccer, volleyball, handball, hockey, track and field, swimming uniforms and so one – it’s such a brans as:

  • Joma
  • Hummel
  • 2XU
  • Lotto
  • Kelme
  • Nike
  • Select
  • Uhlsport

We have got uniforms for keepers, referees, and couches. We have on our stock houses a lot of colors uniforms and sizes. Our team manager, if it is necessary, come to you and will show catalogs and sample of any uniform you would like on site

Sport uniform for track and field

We know well what you need to take a part in track and field challenges. We have a lot of sport dress for that event – its good quality sport shorts, shirts, socks, suit, sport shoes, also we got sport bibs, sport accessories to all cases – balls, sport bags, whistles, water bottles, pumps, also we got all for sport medicine  - cooling spays, pocket for ice, sport cream for all cases

Print and embroidery on sport dress

One of our main direction, except Sport uniform in Kyiv, this is printing on sport uniform! We have huge experience in printing on any sport dress – dress from polyester, dress from cotton, on hats, on bags and so one. We got its print department and personal print equipment – therefore we can offer amazing quality and good price as well. We also can make any design of sport dress, we can achieve that thanks to sublimation method – it allows us make uniform in any color with any design!

Examples of our team in sublimation uniform:


Payment options

You can pay for your order in any way you would like – it is cash or clearing payments. Call to our team manager Alex – +38 097-217-37-57 or write to him [email protected]  – and you wiil get answer immediately!









  футбольная форма  









  футбольная команда  



     купить форму в Киеве футбольную



 купить футбольную форму купить футбольную форму 


футбольная форма на заказ в Киеве  футбольная форма на заказ 

  футбольная форма футбольная форма на заказ


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