Sport uniform for embassy

Sport uniform for embassy

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Sport uniform for embassy - soccer, track and field, basketball, voleyball, swimming.. - Call to our team manager Alex – +38 097-217-37-57 

We offer wide range of sport uniform in Kyiv(Ukraine). For all activities which you would like - soccer uniform, track and field uniform, volleyball uniform, basketball uniform.. So if you interested in purchasing uniform or equipment for embassy-just call our team manager Alexander-and you will have all information as fast as we can!

Experience in sport in Kyiv

About 10 years we helped our Clients to take a part in challenging all levels and did it successfully. Why? Because we love our work, and that why understand what will like our clients and, the main thing, what clines want exactly!

Brands and quality

Quality brand such as Joma, Adidas, Hummel, Lotto, Kelme, Uhlsport, 2xu the ara always in our shelf. Many models with a good color choosing all time you can find in Team manager ready all time even at night bring options of absolute all kinds of uniform-suites, shirts or shorts, socks, jackets, hats, also all tipe equipment- balls, bags, pumps, shoes, nets , medical equipment..

Uniform personalization in Kyiv

Usually printing on uniform to embassy or for any other organization takes from one to two days. We have our own equip3ment to print and this is helps us produce good quality and keep low price for Clients.










  футбольная форма  









  футбольная команда  



     купить форму в Киеве футбольную



 купить футбольную форму купить футбольную форму 


футбольная форма на заказ в Киеве  футбольная форма на заказ 

  футбольная форма футбольная форма на заказ


  футбольная форма в Киеве купить    


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